Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost to join?
Our club charges an annual membership fee of $25. This fee covers our operating expenses, donation for meeting space, and other chapter expenses.

Is the MOMS Club affiliated with any religious or political organization?
No. MOMS Club is a non-denominational group and we welcome all moms regardless of their religion, ethnicity, and/or political background!

Can I try out the club without joining?
Sure! Contact us at to get a schedule of events available for prospective members to try.

What area does MOMS Club of Lilburn include?
Our chapter serves moms who live in Lilburn, Georgia and the following areas: the Gwinnett County portion of Stone Mountain, and the portion of Lawrenceville that is south of Ronald Reagan Parkway. Our events take place mainly in Gwinnett County, but we sometimes venture out into other parts of Metro Atlanta or North Georgia.

I live near your area – in Norcross or Tucker – can I still join?
Unfortunately, one of the rules designated by MOMS Club International is that chapters cannot accept members who live outside their designated area. However, we would be happy to help you start up a new chapter if there is not one in your area by helping with a website, fliers, and joint events. If you are interested in talking to us about this, please let us know. To find out if there is already a chapter in your area, see

Are children welcome at all activities and events?
Of course! Children are welcome at all MOMS Club events except moms’ night out, moms’ night in, and JUMP (Just Us Moms Playing). Even then, infants are allowed.

When are your meetings?
Our general meetings are held on the second Wednesday of the month. Please contact us at for more info.

Welcome to MOMS Club of Lilburn, GA!

We’re glad you found us! MOMS Club of Lilburn is a group for all local stay-at-home moms (and those who work seasonally or part-time) in the Lilburn area. We are a great place to find a friendly and welcoming environment, fun activities for both kids and moms, and most importantly, an atmosphere of active support and fellowship. MOMS = Moms Offering Moms Support! We are a chapter of MOMS Club International.

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